Mixed Internal Friday Game (Swiss Re/el clandestino)

  • Wann
    Freitag 23.02.2024 20:30 - 22:00
  • Ort
    Tüfi Kunstrasen (Sportanlase Tüfi, Tüfistrasse 6, Adliswil)
  • Typ
    Internal Game
  • Teilnehmer
    C. D. El Clandestino , Allstars, A-Team
  • Text

    Hey everyone,


    As every Friday, we can play a mixed game in Adliswil between Swiss Re and El Clandestino (Sunday league club). 


    Please accept/decline by Friday midday the latest. 


    Don't forget to bring your own gear and don't forget about the rules!


      • Be on time! Players who show up late will start on the bench.
      • Each player should help the others with moving goals and cleaning up.
      • Don't be a maybe – only accept the invite if you actually join the match or otherwise decline. Avoid late cancellations. Something exceptional can happen on short notice, but inform the match organiser asap in that case. We will keep track of "no shows" and exclude them for future line-ups.
      • It's all about fun: play fair and enjoy the games and training sessions with this great team