Tournament 2024 Registration (1st of September) 


Safety, sportsmanship and fun are the goals of the tournament. In general, the standard football rules apply for the tournament. Here are the most important rules to avoid discussions/questions:

  • Participation is open for all Swiss Re Employees and Members of the football club Swiss Re. 
  • Each game takes 12mins + 3mins for a break between the games.
  • Point System: Won game: 3 points; tie: 1 point; lost game: 0 point.
  • All teams play with six players on the pitch (goalkeeper included) whilst having one female player on the pitch all the time (female players may be external). In the event of injuries/dismissals, a team can complete a match with a minimum of four players. Any less and the game will be lost by forfeit. An unlimited number of substitutions can be made ‘on-the-fly’ without interruption of the game.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn (metal cleats are not allowed).
  • No jewelry to be worn or taped up.
  • Final games with no clear result after regular match time will be determined by penalty shoot-out (3 players per team then 1 after 1 until one team is ahead).
  • Goalkeepers are not allowed to pick up the ball if it is intentionally and directly passed or thrown to them by a teammate. The penalty for infringement is a free kick on the edge of the penalty area in line with where the offence took place.
  • All free kicks are indirect, and the opponents must be at least 4 meters away from where the kick is taken.
  • The standard method of throwing the ball in from behind the head will be the only permitted method.
  • The offside rule is not applied in this tournament.

Important Information

  • We are happy to have two professional referees supporting us! The decisions of referees are final and not to be disputed.
  • Parking: there is parking space available (see map below). We recommend you to take public transport.
  • Changing rooms available including showers, take your valuables with you.
  • Food and drinks will be available for all participants. You'll receive one voucher per team member in advance.
  • Spectators are welcome


Milandia sports and adventure park (natural grass, Im, Grossriet 1, 8604 Greifensee).