FCSR A-TEAM, MVP 2023: Dominik Renggli

The most valuable player for us refers to the best team player. Beyond his technical prowess, his commitment to the team, exemplary work ethic, and sportsmanship make him a standout player. Dominik's ability to inspire and elevate teammates, coupled with his humility in both victory and defeat, sets him apart. His contribution to our team is undeniable, making him a deserving recipient of the MVP title.


FCSR A-TEAM, Newcomer 2023: Roberto Mondlack

Roberto has seamlessly integrated into our team, quickly becoming an appreciated team player. His rapid adaptation to the team dynamics and willingness to collaborate have earned him the well-deserved title of Newcomer of the Year.


FCSR A-TEAM, Top Scorer 2023, Souleymane Diop

This man is unstoppable! Top Scorer for the fourth season in a row! We all know what impact Souley has on the team. Not only by scoring goals but also by being a great leader and everybody's pal! No more words need!

Topscorer List: 

Player Goals
Souleymane Diop 15
Benedikt Heinen 6
Marcel Schmalisch 6
Proneet Dutt 6
Marco Adamo 2
Dave Kurath 2
Felipe Rötger 1
Dominik Renggli  1
Pavol Gregor 1
Roberto Mondlack 1
Elio Bischoff 1
Jonathan Nurkiewicz 1
Filip Czajkowski
Antonio Garcia
Pascal Rakers
Luca Riedo