A-Team: is usually playing on Mondays in Adliswil (Tüfi). They normally have a friedly game each Mondayagainst other company soccer clubs from Zurich. During the winterbreak (November -March) the A-Team trains in an indoor gym in Zurich (Enge) on Thursdays. The team is known for their phenomenal team spirit and of course for their team buildiung activities beside the soccer pitch.

All Stars:  Are you looking for a team sport with a big «fun factor»? Then the FCSR Allstars soccer team is what you have been looking for! The team welcomes players at all skill levels (beginners are more than welcome to join!), women & men who are willing to participate regularly in friendly fun matches and SR employees AND external players. We are playing on Tuesdays and indoor during the winter months on Monday.

Indoor Football: We also offer inddor football over the lunch hours on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The monday slots are in Adliswil (Tüfi), the other two are in Zurich (Sihlhölzli). Everyone welcome to join!