The A-Team is usually playing on Mondays in Adliswil. They normally have a friedly game each Monday against other company soccer clubs from Zurich. During the winterbreak (November -March) the A-Team trains in an indoor gym in Zurich (Enge). The team is known for their phenomenal team spirit and of course for their team buildiung activities beside the soccer pitch.


Montag 25.09.2023

A-Team training (internal game)
20:45 - 22:15

Mittwoch 18.10.2023

63. Ordentlichen Generalversammlung Fc Swiss Re
17:30 - 19:00
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Results & Pictures

FCSR A-Team vs. FC Ränte 1:4
, Fehr Michael
The A-Team loses an intense and good game against FC Ränte (Serie A, 3rd place last season). The only goal for FCSR scored the one and only Souleymane!
FCSR A-Team vs. FC MSS Holding 3:5
, Fehr Michael
The A-Team loses for the first time since February. The team loses 3:5 after a good first half. Scorers: Dave (2), Proneet 1. 
FCSR A-Team vs. FC Julius Bär 5:3
, Fehr Michael
Scorers: Marcel, Souley (3), Pascal

Weitere Einträge


Michael Fehr +41 43 285 9285

Julius Kozma, +41 43 285 32 38

Top-Scorer A-Team 2023

Player Goals
Souleymane Diop 13
Benedikt Heinen 6
Marcel Schmalisch 6
Proneet Dutt 6
Marco Adamo 2
Dave Kurath 2
Felipe Rötger 1
Dominik Renggli  1
Pavol Gregor 1
Roberto Mondlack 1
Elio Bischoff 1
Jonathan Nurkiewicz 1
Filip Czajkowski
Antonio Garcia
Pascal Rakers



#1 No limits – everybody within Swiss Re (adhering to the rules) can play, no pressure to attend every game. Feel free to attend the hoppy third half in the restaurant


#2 The A-Team refers to Attitude – or was it firepower and A+ skills? Play for the team - help the others with moving goals and cleaning up. Substitute regularly when the bench is full of players (!)


#3 Don't be a maybe – only accept the invite if you actually join the match or otherwise decline. Avoid late cancellations. Something exceptional can happen on short notice, but inform the match organizer asap in that case. We will keep track of "no shows" and exclude them for future line ups


#4 Match line up – generally 15 players will be nominated. Players showing up regularly and punctually for trainings and matches will have preferential spots for future games. Otherwise it is first come, first serve – in case we are too many subs. The position for people showing up unannounced is the bench


#5 Enjoy – refer to rule #1 :)