48 (!!) members of the club have enjoyed a wonderful 4 days in Locarno & Ascona, packed with thrilling training sessions, great dinners and amazing friends.
A-Team wins versus FC AXA
6:1 victory against FC AXA! Thanks to Sebastiaan and Endrit for bringing friends so we could make it a 11 vs 11 game.
A-Team loses against FC Unilever 0:1
Unilever had one chance, we missed too many chances... We could/should have won this game. Debut...
A-Team loses against FC UBS
The FCSR A-Team loses against FC UBS 2:7
Successfull Season Opening Event 2024
Last Saturday we have enjoyed our yearly season opening event by playing a friendly internal game, followed by some drinks and food at pot bellys. Some members even ended up singing karaoke!
A-Team wins first game of the season against FC Julius Bär 4:3
first victory for the A-Team after strong performance!
[FCSR NEWS]: Upcoming Events & Summer Season
Check out what is happening around your favourite football club:
FC Swiss Re 2 : 1 Allianz
The score was 2:1 for us in the end after. We played well in the first half time, we had a few changes however we were not able to score a goal. Second half time was not so good from our side but Ismail scored his first goal. Allianz improved their game in the secod half which resulted in a goal in our net - 1:1. We tried to go back to our game from first half time but were not successfull, however we fought and Ismail with his second goal decided the game.
[FCSR News]: Victories, Winter Season, upcoming Events and more
With the official fall holidays starting in less than 2 weeks (Oct 9 – Oct 22), we are happy to share some news around the winter schedule and upcoming events with you:
Bratislava - Swiss Re International Cup
This years Swiss Re International Cup was held in Bratislava. FC Swiss Re Zürich won the tournament in an astonishing final game with a six goal difference and brought the cup back home. After the tournament the win was celebrated in the night life of Bratislava.
Synpulse Reinsurance Cup 2023
FC SWISS RE IS BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS!!! Our team secured the title again and dominated throughout the tournament. Fc Swiss Re didn't concede a single goal in all 7 games played. Man of the match in final was clearly our goalkeeper Dave, who saved us from giving up the lead and with such a wall in the back our opponents where unable to score.
FC Swiss Re vs. FC Capgemini United
After a tight lose for FC Swiss Re. After seing the game we all agreed that Swiss Re needs to work on their finishing abilities to win matches in the new season.
FC Swiss Re vs. FC Adidas
Another Win for Swiss Re with a tight 4:3. Scorers were Souley, Luca, Filip and Isma.
A-Team loses against FC Ränte
The A-Team loses an intense and good game against FC Ränte (Serie A, 3rd place last season). The only goal for FCSR scored the one and only Souleymane!
A-Team loses against Fc MSS Holding
Final result: FCSR A-Team 3: FC MSS Holding 5
A-Team wins against FC Julius Bär!
Final result: 5:3, very good and intense second half. Scorers: Marcel, Souley (3), Pascal with a beautiful freekick! Note: Marcel and Michael got a yellow card!! ;)
A-Team wins against FC Adidas 4:3
FCSR A-Team wins their first ever game agains FC Adidas with 4:3 after a great performance. Scorers: Benedikt (penalty), Proneet, Marcel and Antonio G..
Swiss Re football tournament 2023!
With almost a 100 Swiss Re colleagues present the tournament was a full success and everyone enjoyed it.
FC SR vs. Vontobel
After a rather intense game FC - Swiss Re wins 6 : 2 against Vontobel. What a clutch win and all that while playing with a very experimental line up. Goalscorers were: Marco 1 goal Marcel 2 goals (freekick) Jonathan 1 goal Proneet 1 goal Philipp 1 goal
FC Swiss Re vs. FC Allianz
FC Swiss Re with a clear win after a heated game
FCSR 5 : 2 FC Zühlke
FCSR wins 5:2 against FC Zühlke after a nice game.
A-TEAM wins against Swiss National Bank 5:3
well played in 2nd half... Scorers: Souley (2), Marcel, Proneet (2)
8:3 vs AXA XL - great performance by the A-Team
8:3 vs AXA XL - great performance by the A-Team
First match of 2023: FCSR A-Team loses against FC Sunrise UPC
First match of 2023. The A-Team had a match against Sunrise UPC and lost 3 to 4. After going down 3 to 0 in the first half Felipe got us back into the game with an amazing strike. After that Benedikt hammered in two beautiful freekicks.
FCSR A-Team season closing event and awards of 2022
The A-Team celebrated it's anual season closing event and awards where given out. Tomas was awarded the MVP of this year, Souley secures himself the 4th "Top Scorer" trophy in a row and Elio is awarded the "New Comer of the year". Thank you all for showing up and celebrating with us :)
Save the date & register for this years tournament!
News for you! :)
more results and match reports are coming..
we are delayed with match reports... we will upload all reports and pictures soon!
first victory!
The A-Team wins against FC SNB after an amazing fight in the second half.
A-TEAM played their first game!
The A-Team played a first game against FC Partner Re on the new pitch. The team drew against a strong opponent 2:2!
We are back!
Guess who's back? Even though we are not allowed to play football yet, we are extremely happy to share the following news with you! Spoiler alert: all is set for a new season in Adliswil!
CHF 1600 for Milha8!
FCSR donates all the collected money from the shirt sale to the JAM Schweiz charity!
Shirt Sale closed
We have closed the shirt sale auction.. if you fancy an old FCSR shirt please contact the FCSR board. :)
Shirt Sale
legendary FCSR Shirts on sale for a good cause! : https://www.fcsr.ch/home/shirt_sale_2021?#formblock-100509
NEWS: last game and short season closing at Sportsground
due to the current COVID-19 situation we have decided to cancel the season closing event at the Bootshaus (Belvoir Ruder Club). We'll nevertheless play the last game on Friday and honour some special persons directly on the pitch where we can keep the needed distances. Please note: We will all have to strictly follow the rules on the Sportsground (e.g. wearing masks in the changing room and outside if the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained, confirm presence according to tracking list, etc.). Therefore, we recommend you to already be changed when arriving and if possible not to use the changing rooms/showers.
3:0 against SNB! what a game!
The A-Team takes revenge and wins the game against the swiss national bank!
2:2 vs Partner Re...
The A-Team plays 2:2 against Partner Re and couldn't win the Lake-Derby for the first time this season. Stats vs Partner Re 2020: 3 Games, 2 Wins, 1 Draw, Goals scored: 15, Goals conceded: 4
Abschiedsspiel Reto & Stefan
Yesterday two honored players and board members of the FCSR have played their last game. Read Sebis full report below
A-TEAM wins against TEAM ANGELO 6:2
Souley is back and scores 5! Patrick assisted 4, Bobo scored the winning Goal. Nice Team performance!
A-Team wins against Partner Re 4:0
4 different scorers, 4 different goalkeepers and a well deserved victory!
No Souley, No Party - A-Team loses against SNB 0:1
good fight in the defense but at the end we didn't manage to score...
A-Team wins against FC Partner Re 9:2
Great first half, okaysch second half, brilliant third half
Team Diverse enjoys some Beers after an intense Training ;)
A-Team wins vs Google
Another victory for the A-Team! See the full article on the A-Team page.
A-Team loses its first away game
The A-TEAM played their first away game against SC Unilever in Thayngen last Friday. The game ended 4:2 for Unilever but was overall not a good performance by the team. Mo & Pavol have both scored a beauty for our team.
A-TEAM loses against a strong FC UBS
7:3 vs UBS Seniors! A-Team continues its unbeaten series!
Scorers: Souley (2), Benedikt (2), Dave (1), Mohammad (1), Patrick (1)
A-Team Plays 3:3 against TSV Höhtal
A-Team Plays 3:3 against TSV Höhtal
Diverse Team Practice on July 14th 2020
Diverse Team having fun during their practice on Tuesday evening
A-TEAM: 2nd game, 2nd victory
The A-Team wins against FC Credit Suisse with 6:2
A-TEAM: first game, first victory
A-TEAM wins first game against TEAM SLOVAKIA with 7:2
First game after Corona Break
Finally back on the pitch!
The A-TEAM is back
We are back!
Due to the current situation (COVID-19) all football activities are on hold until the situation is better. The club will update you as soon as possible
FCSR plays indoor soccer on Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm - 8pm as long as the Sportsground is closed (till April)
Trainingscamp 2020
FCSR goes Valencia! the 10th trainingscamp will be in Valencia from March 19 - 23
A-Team Season review & Trophies 2019
See last years statistics & trophies here
Season Closing
The party is starting as of 6pm, food is ordered for 7pm.Don't forget to bring CHF 10.- in cash!...
A-Team loist their last game of the season
A Team vs Langnau: 6:8
FCSR A-Team loeses vs. TSV Hoehtal 0:5
FCSR A-Team 2:4 vs. FC Partner Re
Scorers: Pascal, Tobias
A-Team wins vs. FC Partner Re 3:2!!
Great game, great fight!Scorers: Benedikt, Souleymane & Adam
A-Team wins again! 13:1 vs. AXA XL
Goals: Benedikt (6)Murat (1)Bobo (2)Julius (1)Souleymane (1)Michele (1)Andrej (1)
First Victory!! A-Teams wins versus Shamrock FC 4:3!
The A-Team wins a hard fight against Shamrock FC (Serie A) with 4:3! Goals: Anton (2), Bobo (2)
A-Team vs FC Slovakia 5:9
Scorers for A-Team: Souleymane (1), Murat (2), Dominik (1), Frank (1)
good game against Google - A-Team loses 3:4
Scorers for A-Team: Bobo (2), Luis (1)
A-Team loses against Team Angelo 2:6
Scorers for A-Team: Souleymane (2)
A-Team loses to TSV Höhtal in a goal festival 6:9
The A-Team lost 6:9 against long time opponent TSV Höhtal in this fall season restart. A-Team sc...
Synpulse Reinsurance Cup 2019
The 2019 edition of the Reinsurance Cup featured a burning hot day right before Züri Fest firewo...
Swiss Re Grümpi 2019 - a sunny day to remember!
15 June 2019 was a day full of summer weather, relaxed people & fair soccer without injuries - t...
DERBY: A-Team wins against Seniors+ 5:3
A Derby packed with suspense: 5:3 was the final score for the A-Team vs. the fighters from the S...
A-Team suffers clear defeat against Team Slovakia 0:7
The Rest of the World A-Team selection was taught a lesson: 0:7 final score against Team Slovaki...
A-Team wins 9:4 vs. FC Allianz!
After two losses to Allianz in 2018, the A-Team has shown great team spirit.Read the full report...
A-Team defeats FC IBM 5:4
Scorers: Luis, James, Bobo (2) and Super Mario!See full article here: https://www.fcsr.ch/clubde...
A-Team vs. FC Langnau-Gattikon 3:5
A-Team loses to 2. FC Langnau in a close match 3:5.Scorers: Niall & Luis (2)
A-Team wins 9:1 vs FC Google!
First Victory of the season and the race for the golden boot is already on!!read the full articl...
FCSR A-Team loses to Unilever 2:3
A bitter soup as starterSee the full report here: https://www.fcsr.ch/clubdesk/www?p=100300&b=10...
Season Start FCSR A-TEAM
Welcome to the new season! Before the outdoor season officially starts on 25 April, we are delig...
Merry Xmas
Dear FCSR membersIn the name of the board I wish you and your families a merry Christmas, a happ...
A-Team News - End of Season
Dear Team,   After an outstanding summer season and a crazy closing event there is not much more...
A-Team 2018 Season Review & Statistics
A-Team_Season 2018.pptxFCSRA_2018 season Statistics.xlsx Thanks for the Amazing Season and enjoy...
3:1! A-Team wins versus TSV Höhtal!
See full article here: https://www.fcsr.ch/clubdesk/www?p=100300&b=100358&c=NL,ND51Scorers: Andr...
El Clasico Part 3: A-Team wins vs. Googlw
Another victory vs google!Full report here: https://www.fcsr.ch/clubdesk/www?p=100300&b=100358&c...
Slovaks know how to play soccer... A-Team loses 2:7
The A-Team lost 2:7 versus our slovakian friends...Full report here: https://www.fcsr.ch/clubdes...
A-Team loses vs. FC Allianz 3:4
Great game but again no victory against FC Allianz..Scorers: Andrej, Peter Bobo, RodolfoFull art...
DERBY TIME! A-Team wins again...
Read Sebis fantastic article here. https://www.fcsr.ch/clubdesk/www?p=100300&b=100358&c=ND41
the special EMEA Game!
Read the full article from Sebastian here: https://www.fcsr.ch/clubdesk/www?p=100300&b=100358&c=...
Unstoppable A-Team.. another victory against FC Google!
The A-Team won again against FC Google! Final score: 5:2Full report of the master of desaster: h...
Victory against SC Unilever!
The A-Team wins again! Full article from our spirit master: https://www.fcsr.ch/clubdesk/www?p=1...
Sebis Interview with Moses
A new, phenomenal version of Sebis Blog is now uploaded here: https://www.fcsr.ch/clubdesk/www?p...
What a game..! A-Team vs FC UBS 3:3
Great game against FC UBS. See full report here: http://www.fcsr.ch/clubdesk/www?p=100300&b=1003...
find the full report on our team site: https://www.fcsr.ch/clubdesk/www?p=100300Scorers: Luis, P...
3rd place at the Reinsurance Soccer Cup!!
For the third time in a row the A-Team participated at the Synpulse Reinsurance Soccer Cup in Oe...
Summer Break
We are entering into the well-deserved World Cup break. Note that the soccer pitch in Sportanlag...
Sportsground will be closed forever at the end of Season 2020
Dear FCSR colleagues Very, very sad news was communicated to us earlier today. Swiss Re plans to...
8:2 FCSR A-TEAM wins against Team Angelo!
Great victory against a good team! Full report incl. Pictures will follow soon. Scorers: Benedik...
3:5 FCSR Seniors vs. Swiss National Bank (SNB)
Despite of a 10 Year age average difference we were able to play on eye-level with the guys from...
2:2 FCSR A-TEAM vs. FC Partner Re
Scorers for A-TEAM: benedikt (2)!
The A-Team wins the Derby 8:1!
7:0!! FCSR A-Team wins against XL Catlin
Hatrick from Paul! And even Tobi scored!! the full report from Sebi will follow soon..
Game against FC IBM cancelled!
We had to cancel the game today against FC IBM becuase of the badd weather. Next game against FC...
FCSR A-TEAM vs. FC Allianz 4:6
The A-Team lost against FC Allianz after a good second half and many chances!Full article form S...
FCSR A-TEAM vs. TSV Höhtal 2:4
The A-Team lost a great game after a good performance with 2:4.Scorers: Pavol & JuliusSebis summ...
First Game - First Victory! A-Team wins against FC Google 7:4!
Great teamspirit and Pavol in topform leaded to the first victory in the season! Read the full a...
New Sebis Blog
Our fantastic Sebinho worked on his new blog! Have alook: http://www.fcsr.ch/clubdesk/www?p=100311 
Season Kick Off! A-Team first game against IBM
We are exited to play our first game against IBM next Thursday!
Sportanlage öffnet zum 50. Mal ihre Tore für den Sommer
 Die Sportanlage öffnet am Sechseläuten-Montag 16.4. die Tore zum 50. Mal für die Sommersaison. ...
A-Team Event - Hockey Game in Zug
Last Friday the A-Team organized another fantastic team event. The team went to a hockey game in...