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FC Swiss Re 2 : 1 Allianz
, Bischoff Elio
The score was 2:1 for us in the end after. We played well in the first half time, we had a few changes however we were not able to score a goal. Second half time was not so good from our side but Ismail scored his first goal. Allianz improved their game in the secod half which resulted in a goal in our net - 1:1. We tried to go back to our game from first half time but were not successfull, however we fought and Ismail with his second goal decided the game.
Bratislava - Swiss Re International Cup
, Bischoff Elio
This years Swiss Re International Cup was held in Bratislava. FC Swiss Re Zürich won the tournament in an astonishing final game with a six goal difference and brought the cup back home. After the tournament the win was celebrated in the night life of Bratislava.
Synpulse Reinsurance Cup 2023
, Bischoff Elio
FC SWISS RE IS BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS!!! Our team secured the title again and dominated throughout the tournament. Fc Swiss Re didn't concede a single goal in all 7 games played. Man of the match in final was clearly our goalkeeper Dave, who saved us from giving up the lead and with such a wall in the back our opponents where unable to score.
FC Swiss Re vs. FC Capgemini United
, Bischoff Elio
After a tight lose for FC Swiss Re. After seing the game we all agreed that Swiss Re needs to work on their finishing abilities to win matches in the new season.

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