SR Football Tournament will take place in Spring 2023!

IDEA: register as your "work-team" (within your unit) if possible! E.g.: FC FP&A vs. CITO United


  • Teams: mixed teams of at least 5 players + 1 goalkeeper; preferrably 2 women who are always on the pitch. No Limits on substitutes. You might want to plan with 8-10 players
  • Allowed to participate are: All active (and retired) Swiss Re employees & members of FCSR
    • On each team, a maximum of two active footballers with an SFS or SFV licence are allowed to play.           
  • Kit: Trainers or football boots (no metal studs!) are allowed - please be aware that we are playing on artificial grass. Shin-guards are mandatory!
  • Games: will be played according to the rules of the SFV, with the exception of the "back pass rule" (goalkeeper may pick up the ball at any time within the penalty area) and without offside. Points will be awarded as follows: win 3, draw 1, defeat 0. In the final knock-out round games will proceed to a penalty shoot-out. A game takes 12 minutes. 
  • Costs: one cake per team! :)


Welcome to FC Swiss Re!


, FCSR Board
Save the date & register for this years tournament!
, Fehr Michael
News for you! :)
more results and match reports are coming..
, FCSR Board
we are delayed with match reports... we will upload all reports and pictures soon!
first victory!
, Fehr Michael
The A-Team wins against FC SNB after an amazing fight in the second half.

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