, FCSR Board


48 (!!) members of the club have enjoyed a wonderful 4 days in Locarno & Ascona, packed with thrilling training sessions, great dinners and amazing friends.

This years football camp held in Locarno was an outstanding success, providing four days filled with camaraderie, intensive training, and unforgettable memories.Under exceptional weather conditions and under the guidance of our esteemed coaches Dominik, Luca, Souley, Pavol, Tomas, Jesus, Reto, and Carmelo, all participants experienced top-notch and fun training sessions that enhanced their skills and teamwork.

Apart from the rigorous training, evenings were filled with delicious dinners that brought everyone together, fostering a sense of community and friendship. With a total of 48 enthusiastic individuals, the camp buzzed with excitement and shared passion for the beautiful game.

Special recognition is due to the eight colleagues from the Bratislava office whose presence added a unique dynamic to the camp. Their dedication and enthusiasm were truly appreciated by all.

Additionally, we were honored to have the presence of FCSR Legends Remy, Bernard, and Nino, whose participation added a touch of prestige to the event. Their involvement served as a source of inspiration for all participants, highlighting the enduring love for football across generations.

Overall, the Locarno football camp was an impressive and memorable experience for all involved. From intensive training sessions to delightful dinners and cherished moments of camaraderie, it was four days filled with the joy of football and the bonds of friendship. We look forward to more such remarkable experiences in the future.