, Fehr Michael

A-Team wins vs. Seniors 7:3







After winning the first DERBY in 2018 by the score of 8-1, the A team captains wanted a more competitive return match last week. To achieve this goal, the A team captains loaned two key players to the Senior team, goalkeeper Lubos and striker Pavol.

There were still a few small problems: there were only 21 players and who would play in goal for the A team! This was where the Spirit Master came in. He offered his services but with bad legs and bad elbows and bad vision, his best goalkeeping days were long gone. But the captains of both teams thought this would be another way to balance the two teams: to put the Spirit Master in goal for the A team. And the Senior brought two experienced coaches to the game. Could this be the game the Senior team finally beat the A team?

The teams

A team: Sebastian (the Spirit Master), Andrej, Janic, Julius, Luis, Marco, Pascal, Pasquale, Benedikt and Iordanis

Senior team: Lubos, Adam, Andrea, Murat, Reto, Danilo, Sam, Pavol, Rodolfo, Martin Bertschi, Petra

All showed up except one, Murat so we played ten against ten with one substitute.


The A team raced out to a 2-0 lead with 2 goals from the left winger Julius. The A team defense was so good that the Spirit Master did not have to touch the ball in the first 20 minutes. Then disaster struck. Referee Michel gave the A team a penalty!!!

All his teammates screamed for the Spirit Master to shoot the penalty. Oh no!!

He had to go all the way to the other side of the field!! And he had to touch the ball. And he had to go all the way back after the penalty. The Spirit Master waited for Lubos to commit and then shot gently down the middle. Then Danilo from the Senior team could not continue due to a stomach problem.
Captain Andrej, with the 3-0 lead, gave the Senior team Julius, the 2 goal scorer. This provided an interesting dilemma; if Julius scores for the Senior, the match and Julius will go into the Guiness Book of Record as the first FIFA match where one player scores for both teams and none is an own goal. With Julius in the team, the Seniors improved and got two quick goals from Pavol. Then Luis scored to make it 4-2 at halftime. In the second half, our top scorer Benedikt, in preparation for the arrival of his first baby, scored 2 goals and then an end to end fast break led to a goal by captain Andrej. 7-2.

The Senior team did not give up and got a penalty and this time, goalie Lubos scored. The final score was 7-3. After the match, both teams met for beers and pasta. Then the truth came out. The Spirit Master may not be big and strong and fit as Lubos but he compensated by his experiences. The truth came out that in the past, the Spirit Master had been a teacher to some well known goalies. How long can the A team keep this secret until all the opponents find out? Despite this good performance, the Spirit Master prefers to be the Spirit Master and not having to face ferocious shots from Reto and other strikers.
With the victory, this made it 10 consecutive games without a loss for the A team (8 wins and two draws).

The last time we lost was May 8 against FC Allianz (4-6).

Our next opponent on September 13 will be??? FC Allianz.