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FC Corso EMEA versus FC Reinsurance EMEA

FC Corso EMEA versus FC Reinsurance EMEA

Thursday August 30, 2018

Adliswil, Schweiz

The traditional Swiss Re EMEA Football Derby was cancelled a few weeks ago for unknown reasons but the players still wanted to play so we organized the match and 22 players and the referee Wolfgang showed up. 7-4-9-2: 7 players work in Reinsurance, 4 in Corso, 9 in Group and 2 are externals One player, David Fric, came from the Bratislava office but he did not bring his shoes and he has very big feet so a solution was needed to help David. Also we had two outstanding Slovak goalkeepers, David and Lubos. But one Reinsurance player, Fabrice, had requested to play in goal due to the conditions of his knees so again a solution was needed.

Before the match, there was a Reinsurance Townhall and I listened and I learned it is important to be more decisive and less consensus driven. So when I was asked who should play for what team, I just made my decisions instead of organizing a Skype meeting for 1 hour to discuss the team selections. I also learned from the Townhall that 'if you think you are too small to make a difference, you have not spent the night with a mosquito'

XFT (Cross Functional Team)
Since the Reinsurance team had Fabrice in goal, it was decided that David would play goalkeeper for Corso. Since David worked in Reinsurance, would this be an example of XFT or Is David an IGR?

Size does not matter
Both teams fielded very good players except FC Corso had a very small player who could not run, who could not shoot but like a mosquito, he could be a nuisance.  


Big Data
Usually a Derby is a tight match with not many goals. But not yesterday. The Corso team ran out to a 6-0 lead with goals from Own goal by a Reinsurance player from a shot by Niall Goal by Niall (see story below) Goal by Bobo Another goal by Bobo Goal by Pascal Goal by Tobias or Rodolfo? (see another story below)    

FC Reinsurance EMEA

Despite the big lead, the Corso players knew the Reinsurance players were more fit (even if they do not have Corfit) Also Reinsurance team knows the meaning of resilience And also they have the PL initiative ( Paul + Luis) In the last 10 or 15 minutes, Reinsurance players did not give up. They kept attacking and scored 3 nice goals – 2 by Paul and 1 by Marco If the game had gone on another 10 minutes, the game would have ended 6-6.        

Story of the second goal

After giving up the first goal, the Reinsurance team pushed all the players up to look for an equalizer. But the Corso central defender Mario got the ball deep in his area and he made a very long pass on the ground to the mosquito at the halfway line. All the Reinsurance defenders converged on the mosquito but instead of trying to get possession of the ball and to dribble it around, the mosquito let the ball past him and Niall ran past everyone and took the ball and ran some more past everyone and scored.

The mosquito        

Story of the mystery goal  
One of the Corso goals was a mystery at first. From the field, it looked like Tobias had scored. And many players congratulated him. Now Tobias is a defender but more like a Brazilian defender. Tobias liked to score goals. But after the game, there was a rumour that Rodolfo scored. But if Tobias scored and Rodolfo scored, then the Corso team had 7 goals. The official score was 6-3 I

n the interview, Rodolfo explained. He said Tobias shot the ball and it hit the post and the ball came out and hit Rodolfo and went it. Then Tobias was asked Question: you scored one goal last night? Answer: well officially yes…but actually it was Rodolfo who scored … but he would have been offside

So FC Corso scored a goal by a player who was offside but to make the goal allowed, it was credited to a player who was onside

It is time like this that we wish we have a tech strategy like VAR to find out the truth                  


Final Comments: the score did not reflect the competitive nature of the game. When the score was 1-0 and 2-0 for Corso, Reinsurance had several good chances to score but the IGR goalie was brilliant The match was played in good spirits and players from both sides did not give up. After the game, both teams met for the third half and everyone agreed: