, Jans Andrej

DERBY: A-Team wins against Seniors+ in a close match 5:3

A Derby packed with suspense: 5:3 was the final score for the A-Team vs. the fighters from the Seniors+ Team! 

Scorers: Marco, Julius, Luis, Mario, Benedikt (A-Team); Murat, and Pavol x2 (Seniors+)

23 people showed up, and the transfer negotiations favored the Seniors+ with many players subsribed on both teams joining their ranks. A game of stamina with only 1 substitute for the Seniors+ and none for the A-Team...

The Seniors+ kept good pressure up in the first half, Bobo outran the defense 2-3 times on long balls and if he didnt aim for the threetops it could have easily been 2:0 for the oldies. However, some fast counters, a goal by Marco (1:0) and a Maradona type of run by Julius (2:0) - another candidate for goal of the season - and it was the A-Team enjoing a 2:0 lead at half time.

The Seniors+ came back with forechecking on the A-Team defense and long (Lubos) balls to the strikers, creating more and more chances! Until Murat was fouled by Andrej in the penalty box, a highly disputed scene, and scored the penalty himself (2:1). A tight game, but the A-Team had the obligatory Benedikt goal and Mario, the only guy without fear of the Lubos Spartanian call, could steal a ball for another Super Mario strike. In the passionate offensive waves by the Seniors+ in the last 20minutes, Philipp only hit the upper right cross of the crossbar with an amazingly bent shot, Pavol scored one beatiful header and another run on A-Team goalie Chris. Close before the end it was only 4:3 for the team defending their claim to be the A-Team... Struggled to play their usual "A-game", they could sometimes still effectively play over the wings or after steals, and Luis sealed the deal with his last goal to the final 5:3 - a worthy closing to this fair and entertaining Derby!

Many people joined for the drinks and pasta dinner thereafter-  two teams, one spirit!