, Sebastian Vu

A-Team wins 9:4 vs. FC Allianz !


May 23, 2019

This was one of the most difficult match reports that I had to write.

We beat FC Allianz, finally, 9-4

Every player contributed to this victory so it was hard for me to decide who to write about.

After several days of thinking, I dedicated this report to Tobias, Julius and Mr. T (otherwise known as Mr. Theres)

1. Captain Tobias: what can I say about this player? The week before, he almost got a red card for retaliation and was involved in one of the strangest goals this A team ever allowed. But against FC Allianz, Tobi led by example and inspired us to victory. He chose the right formation, he delivered a good speech and he had a good substitution scheme (one that all players appreciated). Tobi did try to play center forward near the end of the game but his shooting can still be improved.

2. Sometimes a coach had to make a decision. And the decision can make him look like a genius or an idiot! Thanks to Julius, I looked like a genius.

Before the match, Tobi had asked me to be in charge of substitution and we agreed to 15-20 minute rotation. 

We dominated the first half and led 5-0. We thought it was going to be an easy victory. But I saw two Allianz players coming late and in the second half they ran us around and scored 2 quick goals. At that moment, some players approached me and said we should make substitutions to bring in the better players who started on the bench in the second half (like Julius and Bobo)

I was not sure. If I took a player out too early, that would lower his confidence. And may be the players on the bench needed more rest and also to see the game from another angle before going back in. I decided to wait a bit longer.

I knew if we could score one more goal, we would take control of the game again. I prayed for another goal but we just could not do it. We had a few good chances.

FC Allianz scored two more goals to make the result 5-4 for us. 20 minutes had gone in the second half and it was time to bring Bobo and Julius back in the game.

Julius had terrorized their defense with his run and dribble down the wing throughout the first half. He really made their defense suffered. As soon as he got on the field, we had a free kick on the left side and a beautiful cross from him led to a goal by Bobo and we never looked back.

FC Allianz gave up after that goal and we went on to score 3 more. At the crucial moment of the game, Julius delivered and saved my reputation.

3. Mr. T – until the morning of the game, the news was that Lubos was not available and Mr. T would be our goalie. To prepare for the game, he watched some videos on YouTube. And he was ready to go. We even discussed about how to organize the defense to help him.

Then the news came that Lubos was available after all. Other players in Mr. T's situation would probably get upset and complain. But not Mr. T He accepted the last minute change graciously.

He said the best goalie should play and he was happy to contribute as a field player. What a team player. What a display of unselfishness.

What a team spirit. Respect to you, Mr. T  

After 5 games, we have 3 wins and 2 losses. Next opponent is FC Slovakia Zurich. May the team spirit bring us the fourth victory of 2019.