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A-Team wins 9:1 vs FC Google

How I met your favorite player – episode 1  


Yesterday FCSR A team played FC Google. The final score was 9-1. You can find the names of the players who scored the goals and made the assists at the end of this story.


As I was watching the goals going in, I was asking myself 'why do I like to come to watch this A team?'

I gave some thoughts to this question and I realized it was not that we were winning many games. It was something more important. I like to watch this team because of the team spirits.

Before the match, I heard from a few players who could not play: one was on rotation in London, one had to be home to watch his kids, one was in the hospital to get a surgery done, one was in Bratislava for liquidity training, and another was on the first day of his new job and could not leave early, etc.) These players who could not come spoke to me about how they missed playing for the A team.

15 players could make it and we played well and won our first game of the 2019 season. The team spirits came alive in so many ways before, during, and after this game. Before the game, Bobo came up to me and said 'Seba, our goalie Lubos is late but when he arrives with his son Sebi, could you look after Sebi until my wife Jana comes and then she will babysit Sebi?' How could I say NO The game started and Lubos and Sebi arrived and Lubos came in around minute 15. Then I started to watch Sebi and he had two balls with him. We kicked the balls to each other and that was when it hit me. One day, many years from now, this kid Sebi will grow up to be the Messi of Slovakia and then I can tell the grandchildren of the A team players 'Kids, I once baby sat the Ballon d'Or winner from Slovakia and I kicked the balls with him'

And that was how I met my favorite player Sebi

Score               Scorer             Assist

1-0                  Benedikt          Souleymane

2-0                  Vincent            Souleymane

3-0                  Niall                Benedikt

4-0                  Souleymane    Niall

5-1                  Souleymane    Tobias

6-1                  Niall                Tobias

7-1                  Vincent            Andrej

8-1                  Vincent            Tobias

9-1                  Benedikt          Lubos