, Fehr Michael

FCSR A-Team vs TSV Höhtal 3:1

Thursday 11 October, 2018

Sportanlage Adliswil

FCSR A team – TSV Hoehtal 3-1

There are many rules in football. Rule number 1: To win a football match a team has to score goals. Rule number 2 (which is more important than Rule number 1): a team can score goals but if it does not defend, it will not win. And then there is the golden rule of football.

This season, FCSR A team does not have a problem scoring goals. But we lost a few matches because the other team scored more than us.
In the second match of the season, way back in early May, we played TSV Hoehtal and lost 2-4. Since that match a few things have changed,
We started to learn to play together. We found out many players enjoyed playing with the A team and we got a new goalie Lubos. With Lubos in goal, the defense grew more confident. He is very good at communicating to the defenders and he is also very brave to go out far to challenge the attackers.
We won a few games because of Lubos and the defense. They proved again and again the golden rule of football is true. For this match, Lubos not only came to play but he also brought some plants for the team. We were all very touched by his generosity. What team spirits!

TSV Hoehtal started strong but our defense of Michi, Tobias, Anton, Samuel, Iordanis and Lubos held firm. It was a tight match 0-0 for a long time which was very unusual for our team.
Near the end of the first half, Cedric took advantage of a lapse in defending and scored. We grew in confidence. Then we got a corner and a perfect cross from Bobo found the head of Cedric and 2-0 for the A team.

At halftime, we were very happy with the score but we knew it was far from over. A 2-0 lead can be a dangerous situation. It can give you a false belief that the game is over but all it takes is one goal for the other team to get back in the game. We needed to concentrate and played carefully or we needed a third goal.
As it happened, we got both. We continued to defend well and then Captain Andrej scored the crucial third goal, 3-0
But TSV Hoehtal did not give up. A solo run led to a goal and they cut the deficit. They continued to pressure us and only our heroic defense kept them from a second goal. TSV did not want to lose and we wanted this victory very badly. We gave it all on the field.

When the referee Michel blew the whistle, we celebrated our victory 3-1. This victory showed how important is the golden rule of football: DEFENSE WINS FOOTBALL MATCH