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FCSR A-Team vs. FC Google 3:2

October 4, 2018

FCSR A team vs FC Google – ACT 3

It is fast becoming el clasico. FCSR A team vs FC Google, just like GC vs FCZ

For the third time in 2018, the two teams faced off in Adliswil. We won the first two times 7-4 and 5-2 but can we do it for the third time? Or will the third time be the lucky charm for the visitors in black?

It was a late kick-off at 19.30.

The visitors looked very impressive in the warm-up

We had also some challenges. Our top scorer Benedikt decided to become a father on the morning of match day – well done Benedikt but you need to plan better next time.

Our number 2 scorer Pavol disappeared somewhere in North Africa

Our top star from Mexico had family duties and one of our captains disappeared somewhere in the Zurich Main Station (rumour was the captain was attending some big German beer drinking festival)

So to ensure that we remained competitive, the team Spirit Master had to think of something special.
Last week, one of our forwards was in Torino watching Juventus vs Napoli. He is a big Juve fan and it is his dream to sleep in the same hotel with the Juve team when they come to Bern in December. Fortunately, he knew the name of the hotel. Unfortunately, he could not get a room.

So the team Spirit Master made an offer. If this forward can score 2 goals or more, he will be invited into the hotel of Juve. He cannot sleep there but he can visit the hotel.

FCSR A team

Goal                Lubos

Defense          Tobias             Mario              Michi               Janic

Midfield           Marco              Pascal             James             Paul

Attack              Bobo                Andrea

Substitutes:     Manoj, Tomas Sandala, Sebastian Theres, and Tomas number 2


After 10 minutes, FC Google scored. One of their fast players were dribbling trough several of our players on the left side and then he made a great cross into the penalty area and over our defense. One of their forwards controlled the ball and too a good shot and beat Lubos.

But we did not panic. We continued to play patiently.

Then the Slovak connection clicked. From a corner, Bobo delivered a perfect cross to Tomas number 2 and he headed in the equalizer. Then we took the lead with goal from Tomas Sandala.

Then came the goal of the evening and may be of the season. Our defense had the ball deep in our territory and they found Paul on the right wing. He ran and ran with the ball and then delivered a pass into the middle to Bobo and Tomas number 2 and these two brought the ball forward and Paul kept running forward on the right. A pass back to Paul and he went into the box and shot and scored 3-1.

Halftime In the second half, it was a tight battle and both teams had trouble finding the net. Then FC Google scored late to make it 3-2. It was nervous time but then Pascal was fouled by 2 players in the box and the referee Wolfgang had no hesitation to whistle for a penalty.
Marco stepped up and took the penalty. It was saved by the Google captain.

Luckily the final whistle went soon after. We won 3-2 and we were back in the winning way after two losses. Next week we will face one of the teams that beat us earlier this season. TSV Hoehtal. T

his game will show how far as a team we have made progress this season.