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FCSR A-Team vs. FC Allianz 3:4

Thursday September 13, 2018

FCSR A Team – FC Allianz-Suisse 3-4


After a run of 10 games without a loss, we finally tasted defeat against an old rivalry. It was a bittersweet defeat.
We did not have the services of our two regular referees, Wolfgang and Michel so on the day of the match, the Spirit Master had to find a replacement. It was a colleague who happened to be a licensed referee, Miguel Marin.

The weather was awful. The rain was pouring down and we only had 11 players

Goal                Seba Theres

Defense          Janic/MIchi/Andreas/Bobo

Midfield           Andrej/Pascal/Tomas/Rodolfo

Attack              Benedikt/Pavol

The opponents took a lead on a long shot on the ground but then we came back with goals from Rodolfo and Andrej to lead 2-1 at halftime.

A free kick from Pavol found Bobo who scored and we were leading 3-1 early in the second half.

We had many shots but scored only 3 goals. On another day, we would have scored 8 goals. The ball hit the bar, the ball was off target or their goalie made a great save.

Our opponents did not give up and we started to make mistakes in defense. They scored on another long shot and then we gave away a penalty.

With 10 minutes left, we had a goal kick and more defensive mistakes led to another goal. We tried hard but could not get a tying goal.

We lost the match 3-4 and we were frustrated. But still we went out to the third half to have a drink and to talk about how to improve next time.