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[delayed report] FCSR A-Team vs Team Angelo 8:2

Match Report: FC Swiss Re A team vs Team Angelo

Date: June 7, 2018

There is a saying: better late than never <

Question: what do the Italians do during World Cup 2018 in Russia? Answer: below

Before the World Cup kicked off in Russia, there was an important match in Adliswil. The A team of FC Swiss Re faced Team Angelo. It was decided to play in retro shirts but we did not have enough so the late comers wore the new shirts. It was also decided we would experiment with 3 goalies: Iordanis, Andrej and Michi This experiment in 3 goalies resulted in Team Angelo scoring 2 goals.

But the experiment with the retro shirts resulted in 8 goals for the A team. Yes, EIGHT, ACHT, OTTO, OCHO, OITO, HUIT or as they say in Moscow, ??????


The line-up

Goal    Iordanis (1)
Michael (10)   Michi (6)         Andrej (7)        Anton (5+)                        
Konrad (5)
Tomas (19)     Luis (11)          Lukas (13)       Danilo (10+)                        
Bobo (4)

On the bench: Benedikt (2), Michele (8), Murat (15), Rodolfo (14)

It was a tight match in the first half and the A team led 2-1 with goals coming from Luis and Benedikt. On the second goal, Benedikt got the ball somewhere near on the right side near the midfield and like Gareth Bale, he dribbled down the side, and he dribbled across into the box, and he scored. A strong candidate for goal of the season. In the second half, the A team exploded.
We scored 6 goals to win the match 8-2. Danilo, Luis, Michele, Benedikt, Benedikt, and Iordanis. Iordanis scored the last goal off a corner with a secret move. By this time, he was not the goalie anymore so he was allowed to go up and to score. Iordanis does not usually score, at least not on the soccer field. Will Iordanis score another goal this season? With the A team in fine World Cup form, we now are back to the Italian question and here are the answers (first photo – Saint Adliswil, second photo Saint Petersburg) About the second photo, I was in a small restaurant of my hotel in Saint Petersburg next to the stadium and I was ready to enjoy my lunch at a table for 8 in the back (I was trying to be anonymous) when a group came in. The restaurant was quite full so I offered to give the group my table for 8. They were mostly Americans from New York but there was one Italian. They were very grateful for the table and I spoke to the Italian. 'You were not a bad defender but we have in Adliswil a player named Iordanis who can play goalie, defender and scorer' He said 'I can score too. Even in the World Cup Final'  

What Italians do at the World Cup 2018 in Russia