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6:3 FCSR A-Team vs FC IBM

FC Swiss Re A team vs FC IBM July

26, 2018 Adliswil

There are two kinds of football players after the World Cup. Those who played a lot and now need holidays to recover, like Andrej and Michi, the two captains And those who played less and now are ready to show the skills they saw on TV, like the interim captains of FC Swiss Re A team yesterday.

It was a very hot day and 18 players showed up but the interim captains did a marvelous job to rotate players in and out so everyone played and no one had to run in the heat for a long time.

Goalie             Iordanis

Defense          Tobias             Dominik           Mario              Janic

Midfield           Rodolfo           Luis                 Pavol               Tomas

Attack                                      Carmelo          Marco

Bench: Murat, Patrick, Matthias, Sebastian, Niall, Ferhat, Roberto

The 2 interim captains decided to make some experiments

  1. To use 4 goalies – Iordanis, Pavol, Patrick, and Luis. Except for Iordanis, the other 3 are excellent midfielders so FC IBM was confused. It was like putting Pogba, Xhaka, and Eden Hazard in goal.
  2. To use Murat as a secret scorer – FC IBM was surprised to see a player who had never scored playing so close to the goal
  3. To use Niall as a super substitute – when the opponents were tired, he came in and started to run to make them even more tired. The plan worked to perfection 

    Final Score FC Swiss Re A team 6 FC IBM 3 (half time 2-2) 
    Scorers: Luis, Pavol, Niall, Patrick and 2 goals from Murat the secret scorer 

    The final score did not show it was a very tough match. Not only it was hot, the opponents were giving us a difficult time and even were trying to intimidate Niall but we rose to the occasion 

    First half We scored first after 12 minutes. Luis scored and Patrick gave the assist Then FC IBM scored off a corner and it was a bit lucky as the ball deflected off the head of Dominik. Then they scored again when our players were a bit careless with the ball in our own half. Then we put Niall in and on a counter attack, Patrick had the ball at midfield and he put it into space down the right side. Niall turned on his engine and got to the ball and then he turned up another gear and he ran into the penalty box and he scored. 2-2 
    Second half Murat scored. After a long period of both teams having many chances, Rodolfo had the ball on the left side and he lobbed the ball high into the box. Murat was there and scored with his head. His first goal in an outdoor game. FC IBM was shocked. And all of us on the bench were shocked too. We asked each other 'what was Murat doing in the penalty box?' But FC IBM recovered and another careless pass from our team and they scored 3-3 But we did not lose our belief. We scored a beautiful goal. Niall was dribbling on the left and he got into the box and he passed nicely into the middle. Roberto received the pass and everyone was waiting for him to shoot. Instead of shooting, he let the ball pass him and Patrick was there and he scored. This could be goal of the season! We were energized by this beautiful goal and went on to score two more. Niall hit the bar and the ball came to Pavol who scored. Then Niall went on another run into the box and his pass to Patrick was perfect. Patrick waited for the defense to commit and rolled the ball to Murat. Murat scored to make it 6-3 

    All the 4 goalies played very well and being good midfielders, their distribution of the ball was excellent.  

    The interim captains and some players celebrated the victory after the game with the third half. We won but we know there is room for improvement and we need the captains back. Rooms for improvement: too many players, no ice tea, wearing the same colors as the opponents, and passing the ball to the opponents inside our own half. Next week – FC UBS. Big challenge!