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8:0 - FCSR A-Team vs XL Catlin

FCSR A Team – XL Catlin May 17, 2018 Sportanlage Adliswil

First greetings from Kyiv where my wife and I are sleeping well in the hotel of Liverpool FC


Last week on Tuesday, I heard that FCSR Senior team had beaten FC Gemeinderat Zurich 13-3 Hum 13-3 is wow but I don’t know about you but scoring 13 goals against your friends I wonder how those friends felt after giving up 13 goals But then I remembered we live today in the world of faked news.

Anyway I had a dilemma. I had several dilemmas The FCSR A team was going to play our competitor XL Catlin. We did not want to embarass them. You don't want to make your competitors angry. A Corso competitor! They will take our business if we score 20 goals. Another dilemma for us was that if we scored 20 goals with the Austrian referee. People will say we score 20 goals because we play with Austrian offside rule So I asked Michi to change the referee (oh this happened often but usually in Champions League where I would asked UE…) So came Michel Werly on Thursday. Michel has experiences and he usually works with yellow and red cards and his offside rule is similar to that in the FIFA rule book.

Fast forward
Yesterday a German coach woke me up 'Sebastian, could you please come down and meet me in the lobby?. I have a big dilemma'
'Juergen, it is 4 AM! Go back to sleep'
I could not go back to sleep so I went to his suite in the Intercontinental Kyiv Hotel and we ordered some orange juices and butter croissants.
'ok Juergen what is your dilemma?
'I just got an email from my friend ZZ. He wrote Juergen we cannot play you next Saturday. I don’t have enough players. Unless you lend us 2 players, we will have to forfeit the match'
'Well Juergen you will be the European Champions without kicking a ball.That is fantastic'
'Sebastian please I want to win the right way'
' so what is your dilemma? 'Sebastian which two players should I let ZZ borrow? I am thinking Moreno and may be ***?'
'Nein Juegen Nein. Listen to me. Send Mo Salah and some kid over'
'You are joking. My best player MoMo?'
'Yes it is a tactical move. Imagine CR7 when he sees Mo wearing white. He will be sulking. And then the whole team will work hard to appease the Diva. All these distractions, all these soap operas, it will help you.' 'Sebastian you are ein Genius'

Ok so I am Anway I had the same dilemma last week when Michi came to me on the morning of the match and said XL Catlin needed to borrow 2 or 3 players from us. Who should we give up?    

Anyway FCSR A team played with this line-up

Goal:               Lubos (1)
Defense:          Tobias (8)        Michi (2)         Dominik ((9)    Iordanis (10)
Midfield:         Paul (3)           Claudio (5)      Patrick (17)     Bobo (10+)
Attack:            Pavol (15)        Rodolfo (16)
On the bench were Pascal (11), Janic (14), Marco (12), and Tomas (4)

We played well and won 8-0 The goals were scored by Paul (3), Marco (2), Claudio (1), Pavol (1) and Tobias (1) Yes Tobias scored!!!!

Eight is a good number. It showed that we were good but it also showed that we did not embarrass our competitor.

Chelsea FC

One player (name withheld for security reasons) was so impressed by the tactical talent of Jose Vurinho that he went out and did this (please boys, do not try this at home)

As mentioned above, I am working in Kyiv this week so I will miss the Derby But my heart will be with you on Thursday night. Come on A team! Win one for Jose Vurinho