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FCSR A-TEAM vs SC Unilever: 4:1

FCSR A Team vs SC Unilever
July 9, 2020

Another Thursday, another match, another victory.
FCSR A team won yesterday 4-1. The third consecutive victory. But it was not easy.
After winning the first 2 games in style, playing so well that Pep Guardiola called me to ask for videos of the games so he could show his players, our third game of the season was not good for the eyes.
But we won because our defense did a good job, Unilever gave us 2 gifts in the first half and our offense came alive late in the game.
Human beings are creatures of habit. Footballers are no different.

Yesterday, there was a few things that were new for our team.
We had a new referee. We had a new ball boy. We had a coach. Murat and Ismail came early. And it was a very hot afternoon.
But FCSR A team footballers are resilient and they can adapt to any change.
We led 2-0 at the half thanks to goal by Benedikt and Souleymane. The opponents improved in the second half and scored to make it 2-1.
At this point, the question was would the SR coach ordered to the team to defend the 2-1 or to go for another goal.
The temperature was cooling down. We did not sit back. An individual effort by Souleymane led to another goal. And then….
Benedikt pumped the ball into the box and Unilever head it out. Pavol was there to head the ball to the feet of Benedikt. Benedikt dribbled into the box and Souleymane also ran with him but there were many defenders. A perfect pass into the open but very tight space from Mesut and Sadio scored.

After the match, the Unilever goalie approached me and asked if that last goal was offside. I told him let's look at the video from VAR. I then showed him the video from my Iphone and he said 'Sadio was not offside and it was a good pass from Mesut'
I am waiting for a call from Pep today to ask me for this video.
Have a good weekend!

The new referee, the new ball boy and the coach

And the FCSR A Team