Season 2018

Season Statistics and Trophies

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A-Team trophies 2018 

  • MVP 2018 = Peter Bobovnicky
    If someone attends to 18 out of 20 games, regularly scores, always supports the captains, doing the laundry and massively works for the team spirit, the most valued player trophy is more than deserved. Great role model!

  • Top-Scorer 2018 = Benedikt Heinen
    For scoring 18 goals in only 10 games…no more words needed!

  • Newcomer 2018 = Lubos Skypala
    Everybody who was playing in our team before Lubos joined knows how important a goalkeeper is. Lubos is not only an exceptional goalkeeper but also a great team player who made the difference this year!

  • The irreplaceable 2018 = Luis de la Cerda
    All of us know that it is impossible to stop Luis. By far the best player in our team!  

  • The best team spirit master = Sebastian Vu
    The man who is always there to support us and voluntarily writes brilliant reports each week! All of this wouldn't have been possible without the great work of Sebi!