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Season Start FCSR A-TEAM

Welcome to the new season! Before the outdoor season officially starts on 25 April, we are delighted to update you with some A-Team news for the season: 

  • Season Schedule & Dates
    The sportsground will be closed during four weeks in June/July. The second half of the season will start on the 18th of July and last until end of October. Besides the games we kindly make you aware of the following events (other events such as BBQs or social events are also planned):
    Season Opening: Monday, 29 April
    Grümpi: Saturday, 15 June (separate communication in your inbox) 

  • Games
    We will play on Thursday and sometimes on Tuesday evenings usually at 7pm. First match vs. FC Unilever is scheduled for Thursday 25 April. You'll receive invites for the games 2-3 days before the game. Please always answer (accept/decline) the invites in order to simplify the organization of the games.  

  • Captains
    As already announced end of last year, Michael started a rotation in London and will therefore not be able to support us on the field for the first half of the season. Tobias Weber will replace him on and off the field and step in as a new captain/coach/board member.  

  • Clubs News
    As announced we will start the season with the newly built team "Seniors +". Thanks to everyone who has decided to join this team as well. Invites etc. will follow soon. ClubDesk (our Club Admin System & Webpage) launched a new version. We are currently working on a new, fancy webpage which will allow you to get all news results and reports from the team spirit master directly on your phone.

  • Rules
    #1 No limits – everybody within Swiss Re (adhering to the rules) can play, no pressure to attend every game. Feel free to attend the hoppy third half in the restaurant
    The A-Team refers to Attitude. Play for the team - help the others with moving goals and cleaning up. Substitute regularly when the bench is full of players (!)
    #3 Don't be a maybe – only accept the invite if you actually join the match or otherwise decline. Avoid late cancellations. Something exceptional can happen on short notice, but inform the match organizer asap in that case. We will keep track of "no shows" and exclude them for future line ups.
    #4 Match line up – generally 15 players will be nominated. Players showing up regularly and punctually for trainings and matches will have preferential spots for future games. Otherwise it is first come, first serve – in case we are too many subs. The position for people showing up unannounced is the bench. #5 Enjoy – refer to rule #1 :)

  We are looking forward to an exciting new season with you! As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.  

Andrej, Tobias & Michael
FC Swiss Re A-Team Captains