, Aebi Bernard

Sportsground will be closed forever at the end of Season 2020

Dear FCSR colleagues


Very, very sad news was communicated to us earlier today. Swiss Re plans to close the doors of the sportsground forever by the end October 2020. The board has reacted immediately by commenting the statement and asking for more background information. In addition, we have agreed to consider our options for our club FCSR which we intend to communicate at the upcoming annual meeting on 3rd July 2018.

Below an extract from the official statement:


Swiss Re has decided to close the sports ground because relatively few employees take advantage of the offer today and the demand will only decrease as more employees move to Campus Mythenquai. Continuing to maintain it is resource-intensive and unfortunately no longer sustainable. 


Until the closure, the sports ground will maintain the same opening hours and facilities as in the past. All employees, retirees and sports clubs remain entitled to use it. After the closure, the Swiss Re Soccer Club, the UBS Soccer Club and the Swiss Football School Youth Camp will need to find alternative facilities outside Swiss Re.


The anniversary celebrations on 7 July 2018 will go ahead as planned.


Just one more comment to add - 50 years ago we did not have any offices in Adliswil and no Shuttle Bus was existing either. So motivating the closure with the move to Campus Mythenquai does not really withstand any second thoughts...