All Stars Training & Match

  • Wann
    Mittwoch 29.06.2022 18:30-20:30
  • Ort
    Wollishofen, Kilchbergstrasse 28 Sportplatz an der Egg
  • Typ
    Internal Game
  • Teilnehmer
    Allstars, A-Team

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Dear All Stars Team , 

Finally we can start our outdoor season in Wollishofen ! 

I hope to find you all fit and ready to play.Let's try to reach a good number to have fun togheter with football. 

We're going to play in Wollishofen on the football field near to the school. (Link in google maps)

We changed the day from the last year so we're going to play every:   (A part from school holidays) 

WEDNESDAY From 18.30 to 20.30.

Try to be ready on time for a short warm up, and then for a fun Match!

The training will be on 29th  June 2022 

Bring your own jersey, maybe in 2 Colors (red/ White) to make the team easier. We will provide the tank top.

There's a construction site near the field this year, but we still could use half of that, it's the left side from the view of the street.

The locker rooms and the showers are of course inside of the building (there's 2 entrance but sometimes just one it's open...)where the gym's are and of course we're allowed to use it.

Just note that the gym it's also frequented from school's child so remind to keep an appropriate behaviour. 


    • Nearest Tram Station to the Field is Morgental Tram number 7 
    • or with SBB Train Banhof Wollishofen and a 7 minutes walk 
    • There's no parking Space available but there's a small Blue zone; if you're lucky maybe you can find a spot, an alternative it's a parking near the Strandbad and than 5 minutes walk  
    • Please be aware that in the summer Season near the lake it's really difficult to find a parking spot 
    • There's Place for bike or Motorbike  
    • No Football Shoes are allowed inside the Building. Because it's mostly used as a gym, We cannot walk inside with the dirty spikes football shoes.
    • In case of heavy rain we could also decide to play inside. Be aware in that case to bring indoor shoes with you. (But 95 % we will play always outside)
    • We have a What's App chat group for the last minute comunications if you want to be add just send me a message at 0793417181 (because while I'm working in the kitchen I don't have the possibility to answer at the e-mail specially the day of the trainings )
    • Every week you will receive an invitation via mail, and please click in to sign, if you want to partecipate that make the life more easier for us

        In case of question or problems I am at your disposal, my number is 079/3417181 and my mail is           

Best Regards